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Organic Hogwash and Pet Odors

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Organic Hogwash is not just biodegradable and hypoallergenic, but it is also 100% pet safe and pet friendly. We have heard a lot of reports from our customers and their friends who use Organic Hogwash that it is great for stinky litter boxes as well as other pet odors that may be lingering around the home. Pet urine can be a nuisance when your pets mark their territory. Thankfully you can naturally remove it by spraying the area with Organic Hogwash. Stop using toxic products and chemicals that not only barely work but can be dangerous to animals after nature calls, and naturally eliminate their odors with Organic Hogwash.

Dog owners, I'm sure you have been there before. Your best friend wound up getting a little too familiar with a skunk and is now smelling up your home. So I'm sure you are wondering if Organic Hogwash will help remove skunk smells. If so, you're in luck!

It may be hard to believe but yes it does! Organic Hogwash can even remove and neutralize skunk odors! One of our customers told us a story about how they woke up one evening to the smell of skunk, because of the stench they weren't able to get back to sleep. However, after a few sprays of Organic Hogwash, the odor was eliminated and they were able to get back to their slumber. Check out their review from our Reviews and Testimonials page below:

Since Organic Hogwash is safe for pets, you can use it on your dog if they have been sprayed by a skunk. Skunk sprays are liquid that has oils and other enzymes, that will latch onto the fur. With Organic Hogwash you can spray it on your dog and rub it in. You may need to use it multiple times to help eliminate the odor-causing enzymes from the skunk spray. If it is really bad, we recommend a combination of Organic Hogwash and Dawn liquid soap. The Dawn soap will help break up and separate the oils in the skunk spray from the fur and skin, while Organic Hogwash eliminates the odor on a molecular and enzyme level.

While this may not be the most all-natural and organic solution to this situation, this will be the most effective since Dawn is used to cleaning animals after oil spills. Here is an article from NPR that talks about "Why Dawn Is The Bird Cleaner Of Choice In Oil Spills." With that said, Organic Hogwash is completely safe for your animals, even if it gets in their eyes, but Dawn is not. So be sure to take the proper precautions if you need to utilize this method of de-skunking your pets. So if you have pet odors that you haven't been able to eliminate naturally, or if you want to bring a more organic method of eliminating odors, buy Organic Hogwash! Your animals will thank you.

Organic Hogwash's recommended product for pet and other animal odors:

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