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Organic Hogwash
Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Organic Hogwash for the environment?

All of the ingredients used in Organic Hogwash are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and completely Earth-friendly, as well as pet and kid safe!

Can I use Organic Hogwash if I have allergies or asthma?

Yes, Organic Hogwash is hypoallergenic. It will not cause any adverse reactions for those who have sensitive breathing situations. Also since Organic Hogwash is not a fragrance, no artificial smells are introduced into the area that has been spritzed and sprayed with our all-natural pet-friendly odor eliminating solution. Try it during allergy season and be impressed with how it washes the air clean and crushes the enzymes.

Does Organic Hogwash stain clothes or furniture?

No, Organic Hogwash will not stain any fabric or upholstery. You can use it safely on furniture, car seats, and clothes all without a worry.

Can Organic Hogwash be used on leather?

Believe it or not, this question gets asked a lot especially since Organic Hogwash is used on a lot of sports gear in order to eliminate their odors. So it's not a shock that it made it onto our Frequently Asked Questions list. However to answer your question, yes Organic Hogwash can be used on leather. Similar to fabric, it will not stain the leather.

Is Organic Hogwassafe to use around kids and pets?

Absolutely! The organic compounds found in Organic Hogwash are not harmful to your kids and pets. Even if accidentally ingested or if the spray comes in contact with skin or fur. It has been tested and passed inhalation, oral, dermal, eye, and irritation sensitization on the skin.

Organic Hogwash is safe to use on everything, everywhere, and at any time.

What chemicals are in Organic Hogwash?

ZERO! Organic Hogwash is just that, a solution of organic compounds with no man-made chemicals. Our proprietary formula and mixing methodology allow our solution to stay bonded to where you never even have to shake the bottle!

Do you have any recommendations on how to use Organic Hogwash?

Of course! Organic Hogwash is a perfect natural odor-eliminating and air freshening solution that has well over 1,000 uses. We have dubbed some of these "The Un-washables." That includes helmets and footwear for biking, motorcycling, skiing, snowboarding, equestrian, boxing/sparring, hard hats/construction equipment, skateboarding, extreme sports, police, EMT, and military.


It's also perfect for other protective equipment and gear such as karate pads, kevlar vests, fire equipment and clothing, dog trainers as well as other clothing that isn't washable.

Organic Hogwasis a fantastic solution for "non-controllable" smells that way you can take back control of the odors in your life. These non-controllable smells include areas such as apartments with broken or backed up sewage pipes, landscape manure, prisons, and jail cells, or even a hoarder's home. Some of these are rather unfortunate scenarios but at least you will help eliminate any and all odors in your life naturally with a fragrance-free, biodegradable, organic, odor-eliminating, and neutralizing air freshening spray.

I don't have a PayPal account but I want to buy Organic Hogwash how can I do that?

We understand that not all of our Organic Hogwascustomers have a PayPal account, or want one. At the moment we are looking into offering a new payment method that way you can bypass using PayPal altogether. Thankfully, until that is implemented, you can still use the Guest Checkout option. If you do not have a PayPal account, but still want to purchase Organic Hogwascheck out our guide on How To Purchase Organic Hogwash Using Guest Checkout

Other than your online Shop, or by contacting you directly, where can I purchase Organic Hogwash?

Organic Hogwash is available on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many other major online retailers. When you buy from these sites it will most likely be shipped from one of our partner retailers. As much as we want your business, we want to see other businesses receive your patronage just as much. You can find a list below of local retailers that we have partnered with who sell our products in their stores. 

Organic Hogwash is available at the following retailers

Lacrosse Ball Store

Massage Supply Depot, LLC The Super Store For Bodyworkers Chicago, IL 60639
Hogwash Car Wash Parsippany, NJ 07054
Hotrides Auto & Truck - Ewing Township, NJ - Morrisville, PA
Burning Spider Stoke Company
Wonderland Smoke Shop NJ
Penn Jersey Auto 4912 New Falls Road Levittown PA 19056

Still not convinced on Organic Hogwash? Check out this commercial from Jimmy Hays over at Lacrosse Ball Store.

Do you have a question that is not found on the list above? Fill out the contact form below and ask us your question. It may just end up on this page and you will help the thousands of Organic Hogwascustomers who may have the same question but have yet to ask!

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