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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use HW if i have allergies or asthma ?

Yes. HW is hypoallergenic, it will cause any adverse reactions in sensitive breathing situations. Also , HW is not a fragrance , no artificial smells are introduced into the area.

Will HW stain clothes or furniture ?

No. HW will not stain any material or upholstery.   You can use it safely on furniture , car seats ,clothes with out a worry.

How safe is HW for the environment ?

All of the ingredients are biodegradable and are completely earth friendly.

Can HW be used on leather ?

This gets asked a lot . Yes HW will not stain leather. Or any other fabric.

Is Hogwash safe to use around my kids and pets ?

Yes. The organic compounds in Hogwash are not harmful, even if accidentally ingested or contact with skin or fur. It has been tested and passed inhalation ,oral,dermal,eye and irritation sensitization on skin. Hogwash is safe to use on everything everywhere.

What chemicals are in Hogwash?

None. Organic Hogwash is just that, a solution of organic compounds with NO man made chemicals.

Organic Hogwash is available on AMAZON , ebay,etsy, and many other sites .  Note: When you buy from other sites it is shipping from one of our retailers and we urge you to buy from them. 

HW is available at these retailers

Artifax Phila Pa
Clarkes Hardware NH.

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