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Featured Organic Hogwash Reviews


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Organic Hogwash customer testimonials and personal reviews!

Anthony V.

How did you find out about Organic Hogwash?: Found it at a local retailer

I ordered direct for Hogwash for the first time and it was fantastic, quick, simple, and they sent 3 bonus 1oz sprays!

Louise L.

 Funny Name Great Stuff

This gets rid of the stink where you have it. If you have animals, you know they make mistakes. It’s just real good stuff that works!

Five Stars

This was a re-order - that's my endorsement!

wylie r
Amazon Top Contributor: Pets

I have cats, dogs and a burly guy around the house. Hogwash is my friend.

R.S., This One is Different

I use organic hogwash when I take clothes out of the dryer. I spray it in first and it eliminates the rest of the static that the dryer sheet did not get. It also gets rid of the smell from the dryer sheet.

Donna F.

I woke up in the middle of the night to an awful skunk smell in every room. I sprayed hogwash in each room and it took care of the odor and I was able to go back to sleep,

Craig TM
Verified Purchase

Hogwash works great on bathroom and pet odors. I use this on the cat's litter box as needed and sometimes spray some in the shower between cleanings.
The product isn't cheap, in my opinion, but it gets the job done

Amazon Customer
Verified Purchase

This stuff works great!







Five stars

Ellen S., Best. Product. Ever!
Verified Purchase

Best odor eliminator I have ever used. Four cats and my home always smells fresh. Highly recommend!

Five stars

Johnny N.
Verified Purchase

Amazing! Works like magic







Five stars

Tim E., This Really Works!

This stuff is brilliant. I picked up a free sample at where I used to work and was amazed at how effective it is. Like they say, it actively removes the odor but it leaves a clean scent behind too. This has overcome some really strong odors.  Really strong.

Five stars

Sue L.

We live in the country. Two nights ago a skunk passed our bedroom window and the room smelled terrible. After 30 minutes of misery, I remembered my Hogwash. I walked around the room, spraying as I went. Soon the odor was gone and I could sleep. Thankful for your product!


After spilling a can of varnish in the trunk of my car, I had to drive with the windows open because of the smell permeated the whole car. After spraying the trunk a few times the smell is absolutely gone!


I am "Hog wild" over Hogwash! I keep challenging it by using it on differing things - all with amazing results! Worn clothes that have the scent of food stocks, garlic, etc. on them now have no distinguishing odors. My college-age son who left some stinky stuff home in his room - all the stinky smells gone! 

I will continue to use your product and report on its progress. I keep thinking - what a great product for Long-Term Care Facilities, hospitals, schools, etc.


I didn't think anything would help the smell of my son's vomit in my new car. I tried shampooing, powders and perfume sprays! When a neighbor offered her HW I was skeptical - what good could this clear odorless spray do? Yet, the HW took away the odor without a covering scent and, I love that it's organic!  I'm wondering some today!


My cousin had called from Idaho and left a message saying it was the best give anyone had ever given her. This stuff was gold. She not only has dogs and cats, she also has a horse, so I can imagine it is hand stuff.

Ginni A.
Realtor Edina Realty

Hogwash was very effective in eliminating odors in my listing in Edina. The home had a smoky smell and a musty smell in the basement. The air quality is much better now after using Hogwash. My seller is very pleased with the improved air quality in her home. Hogwash has a very pleasant, fresh smell.


Hello! Hogwash works Great! I use it on everything. The stink just disappears like magic! I gave it to one of my friends and they also use it for everyday things. She said it worked like nothing ever invented before!

Interior Restoration Specialist
Manheim Central Florida

A car came to use for cleanup and we found a dead snake under the backseat. You can imagine how bad the vehicle smelled and after trying everything from power washing the carpets and trunk to spraying the carpet paint to "seal" in the smell, it just wouldn't go away! There was no way we could release the vehicle for sale under these conditions. We decided against using the spray bomb or any other type of product because it only makes the interior smell like a fragrance or sweet smell for a short period of time.

We put the Hogwash into a clean spray bottle and saturated the car, the air intake, the AC vents, under the dash, under the seats, on the carpet... you name it, we sprayed it! Wheel wells, trunk, even tried to squirt some into the door panels to kill the smell.

We let the car sit for 10 minutes, closed up, and went back for a "whiff". It worked! The smell was gone. To be 100% sure we sprayed a little more then left the car sit overnight (we figured the smell would return as it did with every other product we tried.) The next day it was 100% gone! We were so amazed we started to tell everyone about the product and are now believers.

Still not convinced on Organic Hogwash? Check out this commercial from Jimmy Hays over at Lacrosse Ball Store.

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