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Organic Hogwash And Sweaty Sports Equipment

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Hey, players and moms of young athletes. Are you tired of your vehicles smelling after hours of practice? Is there a funky odor coming from your helmets, pads, or other sporting equipment such as baseball gloves with no way to wash them? Have you tried other odor eliminators and nothing is getting the job done with your sweaty hockey gear or even sweaty lacrosse gear? Organic Hogwash is the perfect solution to these stinky situations. Not only is it kid and pet-friendly, Organic Hogwash will eliminate all odors on any sweaty sports equipment or in your vehicle after a long game day.

While Organic Hogwash was developed on a pig farm to help fight the smell, we realized it would obviously be a great solution for sports equipment and other activewear that can be classified as one of the "un-washables." However, with Organic Hogwash everything is washable when it comes to eliminating odors on an enzyme level. Just spritz and spray your odors away with Organic Hogwash!

This all-natural odor-eliminating and neutralizing air freshening spray is safe to use on leather, fabrics, and other material without having to worry about it staining anything. So it doesn't matter if it is hockey equipment, lacrosse pads, football helmets, baseball gloves... if it smells, Organic Hogwash will help eliminate all odors.

Still don't believe us? Check out this commercial from Jimmy Hays over at Lacross Ball Store, one of our retail partners.

Organic Hogwash's recommended product for athletes or moms of athletes to keep their cars, gym, or gear bags free from all odors:

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