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Organic Hogwash and Skateboarding

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Here at Organic Hogwash we absolutely love skateboarding and side stance board culture. So it only made sense for us to get involved in our local skateboarding scene and support members of the Shralpers Union within the Tri-State area. Organic Hogwash is the perfect skate shoe deodorizer and can be used on all other equipment such as helmets, knee, and elbow pads, as well as slide gloves, or even downhill racing leathers.

Skateboarding has always been one of our passions here at Organic Hogwash. From the people behind it to the people who help promote it. You can find a lot of East coast skaters in the New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware areas who know about, use, and even promote Organic Hogwash because they love our all-natural odor-eliminating and air freshening spray.

In the past, we have been sponsors of skate events and even event-winning skaters! Ranging from Major Stok'em to other more localized events such as the Broad Street Bomb held by Philadelphia Longboarding, you can find us, our sponsored skaters, and our products at these events.

Some past events we have sponsored:

Photo from before the Broad Street Bomb in Philadelphia

Our former event-winning Brand Ambassador Emily Pross after winning at the Whistler Longboard Festival.

The Landyachtz Longboards World Cup Women Podium.

2. Caitlin Yong

3. Marcela Giraldo Vanegas IDF - International Downhill Federation

She is such an awesome downhill skater, she even got her own trading card!

Enjoy one of her downhill skating videos:

So as you can see we love skateboarding in all of its forms. So it just made sense that we introduce Organic Hogwash into the skate community since it is a great odor-eliminating and neutralizing spray for skateboard helmets, pads, slide gloves, and even racing leathers. If your skate equipment smells, Organic Hogwash will naturally eliminate and neutralize the odors.

Organic Hogwash's recommended product for skaters who like to push it to the limit:

These grab-and-go bottles are perfect for you to keep in your pocket for when you need them while you are out shredding.

All orders also include FREE shipping!

We wouldn't feel right if we made a post about skateboarding and didn't mention our good friend Noel Korman. He was an amazing person who helped inspire generations of skaters. If you were involved in the skate scene within New York, Philadelphia, or even Delaware, you most likely met Noel at one of the events. He was a big part of our success within the skateboarding community. Unfortunately, we lost him due to a carbon monoxide poisoning incident. It was tragic, and since he was such a good friend of ours, we lost a part of ourselves when we found out. He will always be missed but never forgotten. At Organic Hogwash we do our best to embody his positivity and attitude that was so infectious. Ride in peace "Outta Control" Noel.

Noel's tragic death resulted in a push for legislation to be drafted and passed that requires carbon monoxide detectors in commercial buildings. You can read more about it here from

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