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Organic Hogwash eliminates that campfire smoke smell

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Now that the Summer season is starting, campfires will start crackling. After sitting around the fire all night, your clothing will be sure to smell like smoke. One great way to eliminate that campfire odor is with Organic Hogwash! It helps you stay fresh while enjoying the great outdoors.

Never be bothered by smelling like a campfire again!

A great family activity is going out camping. Enjoying nature together, eating smores, telling ghost stories around the fire. However, great times can also be subject to odors we would rather not deal with. If you are bothered by the smell of smoke, Organic Hogwash is a great solution to this situation.

If you are someone who enjoys camping, you know how musty a tent, camper, and caravan can be after prolonged storage. One great way to help air out and boost the freshness of your preferred outdoor shelter of choice is by spraying Organic Hogwash inside. It will organically eliminate all odors and the mustiness that has built up over time.

Organic Hogwash's recommended product to help eliminate that campfire smoke smell and freshen up a musty tent or camper.

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