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Organic Hogwash Is A Natural Shoe Deodorizer

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Let's face it, stinky shoes are something a lot of us will come across in our life; whether it's our own or a friend/family member who may have some rather ripe smelling feet. So if you or someone you know needs to deodorize their shoes then Organic Hogwash is what you need.! Just a few pumps of our all-natural odor-eliminating spray will neutralize any odor on an enzyme level. No smell is a challenge for Organic Hogwash. Spray the odorous area as needed and let the power of plants fight the odor-causing enzymes while it washes away the odor.

Just look at how happy and willing this man is to smell a previously stinky shoe after using Organic Hogwash!

Working hard or training hard as well as being on your feet all day is no easy task. That also means your shoes will surely begin to stink at some point. Workboots, running shoes, skate shoes, restaurant workers, brewers, nurses, retail workers, no matter your job or what kind of shoe you wear - Organic Hogwash is your all-natural solution to deodorizing your shoes. You no longer need to use harsh chemicals or pungent fragrances on your shoes anymore, thanks to Organic Hogwash you can now eliminate odors by using our natural shoe deodorizer and air freshening spray.

Organic Hogwash's recommended product for stinky shoes:

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