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Sports : Hockey , lacrosse, soccer ,
boarding, skiing, boxing. 
keep your equipment fresh.
Home : bathroom , kitchen, kids bedrooms.  kids, and husbands.
Pets  : urine , feces , skunk.  
Smoke : campfires , cigarettes , Fireplace , car , camper.
Personal :  your hair , clothes , shoes , coats, gloves , hats.
So safe you can spray it on anything without staining
 Even on your skin safley.   
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Organic Hogwash  eliminates

odors with no chemicals.  It is NOT a masking agent product.

It leaves no smell.

  If there is no smell left, it means the product works !!!!!

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Are you tired  of products that claim to eliminate odors and leave a smell of their own ? They mask the enzyme with a perfume to fool you.